Setting up mail server

I will dedicate several sections in this document for this. I think it’s one of the most important parts of the server, and for me, the most complicated one.

First of all, we must make sure our service provider lets us install a mail service, they can monitor ingoing and outgoing mail from and to our server and block this type of traffic. Others, warn you they have zero tolerance with spam; so, we (legitimate users) must protect our mail installation and make sure no unauthorized people enters our server and sends mails without control. (And be careful with mailing lists, some providers have also a service for this). Some other providers, like Amazon, have automatically blacklisted IPs, and we have to fill a form to request permission to use mail ports. It’s also a good idea cheking our domain or IP in a site like MX Toolbox if we have been blacklisted and not removed from any site.

So, we’re going to set up a fully functional multi-domain/multi-user mail server, and make it relatively easy to maintain with the basic tasks we can do described in detail (we can script them later). We will use these technologies:

  • sasl2 for user storage
  • cyrus for ingoing mail (pop3 and imap)
  • postfix for outgoing mail
  • roundcube for webmail

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