SimTerm release 0.3.0 and 0.3.1

Some time after WordPress 4.7 was released. I had to make sure SimTerm works well with this new version. So I decided to include some features I was thinking about. I published version 0.3.0 but it had a problem with WordPress 4.2 (I must work with that version in some sites), so I released a few minutes later SimTerm 0.3.1.

Ready to download from or GitHub:

These are the changes included in 0.3.0 and 0.3.1:

  • Main JS update, now supports:
    • Manual replay
    • Copy to clipboard (whole term or just a line with double click). I have to work on that a little bit more to make it compatible with more browsers.
    • Status bar (use nostatusbar class to return to the default behaviour)
    • No animate settings (window won’t be animated by default.
    • Fixed word wrap for command or type lines
    • Ubuntu terminal theme
    • Blue theme (It was implemented in SimTerm before, now it is in showyourterms)
    • Terminal won’t replay automatically on mouse over. It was annoying when you were trying to select some text, or even pay attentio to the term and it automatically restarted the animation.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.7
  • Setting to enable/disable automatic animation (default enabled)
  • Setting to enable/disable statusbar (default disabled)
  • Shortcode settings (animate=”1/0″ , statusbar=”1/0″) to apply to individual terms
  • Updated translations
  • Known issue: Javascript messaged are not translated
  • Fix settings for WordPress 4.2

No animation

To avoid animations you can configure the default animation setting (this will avoid all terminal animations) or you can set the animated setting in the shortcode:

[simterm animated="true"] … [/simterm]

Allowed values are:

  • 1, true, enabled, yes : to enable
  • any other thing : to disable
That’s SimTerm with animation disallowed
You can see the whole terminal, and you can also copy to clipboard on double click.


The statusbar will be improved in the future. It has some options to let the user work with the terminal calling some options like pause, replay, view full term (useful when the animation is too large or slow and you want the information quick) and copy full term to clipboard. There’s also an unused div to show the status text. It would be interesting to use it in the near future.

To show the status bar you must enable it (it’s disabled by default) in the plugin settings, or create the term as it follows:

[simterm statusbar="true"] … [/simterm]

With the same boolean values as “animated”. The result is like this:

That’s SimTerm with a beautiful status bar
You can see the whole terminal, and at the bottom a bar, like the header, but with other options you can use.
Can you imagine what cool features could we have with this bar?
But if you don’t like it, you can disable it.


That’s SimTerm with the default theme
Light header and light terminal.

That’s SimTerm with the dark theme
Dark header and even darker terminal.

That’s SimTerm with the regular theme
Light header and dark terminal.

That’s SimTerm with the blue theme
Blue header with button on the right and dark terminal

That’s SimTerm with the new Ubuntu theme
Dark header and purple terminal with png buttons on the left

The future

I want to make a theme engine for this project, so you can upload themes easily or maybe just change some colors, but please, be patient.
Another thing I want to do in the near near future is to make localized Javascript messages so each user can see messages in their language.

I hope you like this update.

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