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After a long time thinking about creating a new site, finally I got it. This website will be a place where I can show the world my own projects, and document them. At the same time, I would like to mirror another free projects and documents forgotten to the Internet, abandoned by their authors and in my opinion they worth to be rescued.

On the other hand, I want to make this website available in both English and Spanish, so I can practice my almost forgotten English. Translations won’t be literal, I want to give them sense and sometimes Spanish won’t be the language I first write the post. I will be grateful if someone tells me anything to improve my texts, all suggestions are welcome.

I’ve chosen WordPress for its simplicity, in the beginning I wanted to code a little CMS for this site, but I don’t have much time to develope it or to maintain int; WordPress has also a lot of available plugins to make this site a better place.

I hope this is not my last post. 🙂



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